Located on the Salentina plain, close to the Adriatic Sea, Brindisi has a magnificent, deep, natural harbourt, important also for links to Greece, Turkey and Albania. The merchant traffic consists mainly of coal, combustible oil, natural gas and chemical products. The harbour is divided into three basins: internal, middle and outer. The internal harbour has eleven quay berths, with a length of 1925m and a depth of 8.5 to 10m. The middle harbour is principally designated for commercial activities.

The quays of Costa Morena have a length of 1170m, with a depth of 14m and an area of 300000 m2. 500m along the Sea Defences of Costa Morena, the unloading system is comprised of motorized ribbons and pipes, for the landing of products destined for use by the electric plants of the South and North coasts. Punta delle Terrare has 270 m of operational quays for Ro-Ro traffic with the possibility of contemporary moorings for five ships.

The outer harbour principally has industrial applications containing structures designated for the unloading of products for the chemical industry. Altogether the outer coast comprises 21 commercial quays with a length of more than 3700m.

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