Established in 1996, the company has, in a few years, reached all the relevant objectives that its management had fixed when constituted: thanks to a national and international business promotion has gained a good position in the referred market, a highly selected client portfolio, Bimco membership and, last, but not least, iso 9001-2000 quality certification.
Medship srl core business is focused on trading vessels: liner or tramp, and heavy lift cargo - the company is pooled with other local concerns that deal with cargo handling and stowing, to give its clients a 360?highly professional service.
Despite her natural cargo vessels vocation, mostly a consequence of port trends that, in the last 10 years have shown a reduction of transit passengers, as the management intent was to fit in all the matters and traffics related to shipping, the agency has also succeded in reaching a good position in the market of passengers vessels, yachting and pleasure boating - in 2005 the company became leading player increasing volume of cruise traffic that has interested Brindisi port.

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